Treecycling is rolling to schools and through neighborhoods- recycling books, generating awareness and giving back to our generous breathing buddy trees.  All the proceeds generated go to environmental stewardship and the growth of new trees in your habitat. 

What is Treecycling?

Treecycling is a fun and freewheeling way for children to generate green initiative funds for their community.

With a wagon, they collect reusable books; they sell these books and all the proceeds go back to the trees by way of potentially planting more.

Wonderful Learning Side Effects of Treecycling:
1.  Realization: Everything we use was grown on the earth   
2.  It is good to practice the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)  Reducing is the most powerful of the 3.
3.  All forms of life have cycles.

In placing these key concepts into real life practice, your child can Treecycle!

Through Treecycling the children will: 
1.  Understand that books are made from trees (grasses and elephant poo too). 
2. Collect donated children's books (reuse, reduce, recycle) and place them in the red wagon to sell for $1/book, so other children can enjoy the books at a reasonable price.  
3.  ALL the proceeds will be given back to nature/trees as we purchase native trees for replanting; outdoor classroom; etc.

This is a wonderful cross-curricular practice- It promotes the love of literacy, math skills (if you have your child count the change), and of course the children will become aware of the science behind making paper for books.