Empatree is just how it sounds: Empathy for our Trees!  English Ivy is strangling trees all over our town as it has no natural predators to balance it’s existence.   It is therefor an invasive plant. Once it reaches the canopy of the tree, the tree suffocates because it’s leaves cannot find the sun.  This effects your backyard eco-system leading to loss of habitat and food sources for woodland creatures and humans alike.  Trees are our breathing buddies, our wind guards, our shade givers, natural and free jungle gym for our children, and aesthetically nourishing.  Did you know you can save a tree in under ten minutes?   Saving one tree at a time, each of us can help preserve our precious tree canopy.

My son, daughter and their friends have a lot of Empatree!  They have been saving trees in the woods near our house and beyond.  It is so satisfying to create a big pile of ivy and make a tree feel and look noticeably better.  My son uses the ivy to roof his forts.  

Removal Procedure:
Using clippers, snip ivy at shoulder height from the base of tree and pull down trunk and away from the base, 3 feet across the ground, to give the roots some air and rain a chance to hydrate the tree.  Continue clipping and pulling around the circumference of the tree.  The remaining ivy above will whither away and your tree will survive.